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Only on OSRS is half an 16 hour filler material

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #7385 by wfuuopy
Just something interesting for RuneScape gold the combat stats mill, but I dig it. I was so nervous watching this. I was with my nose onto my display that last step god that dopamine struck at the end was real. Going against the grain but this is the first video I actually felt uneasy watching. 37 long days to out something that had zero purpose. Two months for a whip of Temple Trekking? Absurd, but meaningful. This? Ok. I expect settled is actually okay. That's why I gave 3 additional actual productive motives for doing it.

OR something I stated I'd complete over a year ago; go for an achievement. Gather ruby bolt hints and the kwuarms I'll need, and get melee stats that are increased to produce my TOB more easy. About perspective I assume, when you look at it just trying to have a clue casket for 37 times, then yeah it will seem pretty moot. But it was a target alongside productivity.

The disclaimer you put that this would not be fit was really good to hear. I was basically thinking"let this guy sleeping" for the entire episode. You've talked in the past about remaining healthy and active during your grinds and I am grateful you reinforced the point. The editing was much less stressful than the grind was. Be good to yourself. I do advocate healthiness in grinding. Even this wasn't as bad as people think, only 5 of the 37 days ever went 9hrs of playtime. If I didnt get a 2nd clue in the first 9 hours of the day, I stopped and tried again the next day. It helps when you've got an entire community pulling for you aswell, not like you are some unknown guy grinding out for it, we don't deserve the swampman.

It was a excellent vid. Kept me. Place my pest management? Honestly one in a while. The barrows saga was getting old and there were not any real stakes, the outcome was always going to be the same, even if it required Settled months (which it absolutely did). Even though it was finally useless, Settled put together the video in such a way that my expectation when he had been performing the set of clues was insane.

A very small bit literally teared up. Jesus christ, I can't believe I just admitted on the internet that a Runescape movie made me shout yeah, that happened. Yeah, it'd have some helpful gains, you're right. I forgot about your own disclaimer too, thanks to highlighting that. I guess I just got swept up in 37 days for elegant pants I just kind of forgot about everything else that you stated did. I'm also just now viewing your remark about not going past 9 hours without buy OSRS gold a second hint, my mental image was much worse when I left that remark.

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